Personal Training

3cfbf497f242ba67379b651f2f071b90_wey7_4898Coach Cyndee has been a personal trainer for 15 years and is certified through ISSA as a personal trainer and an endurance trainer.  She specializes at in-group training which makes personal training affordable for everyone and a lot of fun!  Groups may range from 2-5 people depending on the time.  Coach Cyndee also does private sessions upon request.  Most group training is done out of Las Vegas Athletic Club Rainbow North West location in Las Vegas (1725 N Rainbow).  Private sessions can be done at most of the LVAC locations.

Five months ago, I had a total hip replacement on my right side. I had to learn to walk again with the aid of crutches, canes and physical therapy. The concern for dislocation kept me from working out at the gym but eight weeks ago, my surgeon released me to resume gym workouts. I had previously trained with Coach Cyndee and have total confidence in her skills. She devised a plan for me to do strength training and cardio on my own. However, once a week Coach Cyndee does a novel workout with me to improve my flexibility and range of motion. We also incorporated a weekly massage to help reduce the swelling in my leg that restricts motion. In that short period of time I have improved my gait and can now climb stairs. I played my first round of golf 2 days ago after 8 months off.

At a recent appointment with my surgeon, he was amazed at the progress I had made in the last 2 months. There is no doubt that Coach Cyndee accelerated my recovery and is continuing to help me regain the use of my leg. I always knew she was a great trainer but she has natural healing skills as well and is a joy to work with.
Jon Norman

Prices for Personal Training

  • Group personal training:
    • one day a week $110 a month
    • two days a week $200 a month
    • three days a week $250 a month
    • 4 or more days a week $300 a month (may include swim groups)
  • Private sessions $65/hr. or 2 sessions a week for 4 weeks $500

Clients can pick any time to come and work out and each workout is about an hour.

Schedule for Group Strength Training

clients3Monday  – LVAC Rainbow
7am-8am, group strength training

Monday  – LVAC Flamingo

8:30am-9:30am, group strength training

4:15pm – teach spin

5:30pm – teach rapid liquid cardio

Tuesday – LVAC Rainbow
5am-6am, group strength training

6am-7am, teach spin

7am-9am, group strength training

Wednesday – LVAC Rainbow
5am-6am, group strength training


7am-8:00am, group strength training

Wednesday – LVAC Flamingo                                            

8:30am-9:30am – group strength training

Thursday – LVAC Rainbow
5am-6am, group strength training

Thursday – LVAC Rainbow

8am-9am, group strength training

9am-10am, aqua aerobics class

Friday  – LVAC Rainbow
5am-6am, group swim

7am-8am, group strength training

Nutritional Guidance

Along with personal training, Coach Cyndee offers nutritional guidance.  Many people are looking for ideal ways to loose weight while others are looking to optimize their performance through guided nutritional plans.  She has experience to help you with your nutritional needs no matter what your goals may be.  Monthly weigh-ins will help you in achieving your goals and keep you on track.  You will learn your total weight, body-fat, muscle mass, hydration, bone mass, visceral fat and total calories that you will need each day to either maintain or lose weight.

Stretch Guide

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